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Wilson GPS Tracking
Unlock the potential of your business with Wilson Tracking , Wilson GPS equipment and monitoring services.  Wilson Tracking is the only GPS company in the United States dedicated to Licensed Private Investigator GPS sales and monitoring.  Our company started GPS monitoring services in 2012 for Licensed Private investigators and has kept GPS monitoring services at $15 per month for standard 1 minute tracking on motion activation. With the new 4G introduction by AT&T and T-Mobile we continue to provide the only service which operates on both carrier bands and on 4G.  With our office in North Carolina and our testing lab located in North Carolina we can provide services that other companies cannot. We offer 24/7 immediate support direct from our mapping platform.   4G is the standard!

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$15 Monitoring
24/7 Support
No Setup Fee
Geofence - Reports - 1 minute unlimited Real Time Tracking