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We make GPS tracking affordable for any size ageny at $15 per month

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Queclink GL300M 4G Auto on AT&T and T-Mobile. Unit is the new 4G model and comes with 2600mAh battery.  7 to 11 Day Tracking.

                  2600mAh  $135


12 Volt car cigar plug to power to charge the GL series trackers.  Your choice of the hardwired kit or this Plug type. The hardwired kit is a two wire connection.

$ 29.00

OBD 3G GPS plugs into the OBD port. Unit comes ready to track. $ 130.00 

10,000 mAh flat battery pack that works with any QL Tracker. Custom built tracking pack for long term tracking. Uses Pelican 1010 Case. READ  WARNING 

          $ 159.00 Battery and case!

GPS Monitoring is $15 per month per tracker on our system.

Client tracking software to issue to your clients to track ONLY one vehicle. You control the tracker from your desktop and issue the viewing to a client. One time fee in the amount of      $ 19.95

2020 New Pricing

Waterproof Clam Shell Case for all GL Trackers.