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Our support documents are online and explain many aspects and uses of our Queclink Trackers and our software. Wilson Tracking software was not made to be easy, it was made to be efficient and precise for the needs of a Professional Private Investigator. We have found that many support questions are answered in the support documentation that is contained on this page. We continue to add training videos and documentation as the need increases and technology advances. We also have a news section that will allow you to jump to news links that affect your daily operation.                                                                                                                       


GPS Placement 2021 Tracking Guide



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Villanova GPS Case


Jones V USA


Asheville Stalking






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Customers are billed by invoices sent via e-mail on the date due and payable on date due. If your invoice is not paid a reminder invoice will be sent the next day. If the reminder invoice is not paid your account will be suspended. Wilson Tracking reserves the right to cancel any account that is not paid after a reminder invoice.  Customers pay for services and can use our service when there is an active and paid account.


With new test cases on GPS we continue to research and make articles available to you for your review and personal decision's on the use of these items.  It is our intention to keep you on the cutting edge of technology and allow you to be informed in a decision making process that affects your business.  If you have any questions please call or e-mail us at any time. Wilson Tracking only sells and supports GPS equipment to Licensed Private Investigators.

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